Month: May 2015

Fitbit Surge – No fitness super watch

The Fitbit surge could have been the best fitness tracker in the world. For that to work the basics must be perfect, but they aren’t. If this article sounds a little bitter, it’s because I am a little bitter. After 6 weeks of wearing it, here is my verdict of the Fitbit Surge. There is also a message in here to Fitbit itself because it could still become a very good tracker.

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So privacy is lost

I love cloud services. They have extended my human capabilities by a factor. I can go back in time on my Twitter time line and not only see what I did, but I can actually see myself and my ideas evolve through time.

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Voor de Weekenschool op de planken bij het Zuidas Run partners

Interview met RTL: Managers zijn overbodig

Remove photos from Android phone, keep in Google cloud

1. I am the proud owner of an Android Phone (Moto X) with a reasonable camera.
2. I have three young kids.

Kids + camera = loads of photos and videos.

The phone has 16 Gb of internal storage ergo I run out of storage fast. I use the Google Cloud service (Picassa / Google + photos) to sync these photos and videos. I do want to keep them in the cloud and I don’t want them stored locally on my phone.

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"Het gaat niet om het proces, maar om het waardesysteem dat erachter zit"

Voys gaat groot zakelijke markt bedienen met One!

Voys Freedom is dé oplossing voor het MKB tot ongeveer vijftig medewerkers. Wat als de organisatie groter wordt of de communicatievraag complexer? Als er een UC-vraagstuk ligt of er behoefte is aan een uitgebreide callcenter functionaliteit? Dan is er Voys One!

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