Month: October 2013

Installing Window 8.1 on a Lenovo X1 Carbon

Why would you want to reinstall Windows 8.1 on a Lenovo X1 Carbon?

First: because I could not run the default Windows 8.1 update because of the partition architecture of Lenovo (boeh MS, boeh Lenovo).

Second: This PC started out as a Windows 7 machine, including the Lenovo bloatware (and a 20Gb Lenovo "recovery" partition), which was upgraden to Windows 8.

It was feeling slow even with all de uninstalls and performance tweaks.

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Migrating from My Tracks to Runkeeper

Since I’m mostly running nowadays I decided to start using Runkeeper in favor of My Tracks. I did not want to start with a blank slate, so I wanted to migratie the My Tracks data to Runkeeper. At first it seemed impossible but, where I am a novice runner I’m not a novice nerd, so here is the how to.

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