Month: January 2015

Successful is about the amount of lives you have impacted in a positive way and the severity of that impact.

Personal redefinition of successful

Redefining Successful

I’m the very proud owner of a company that has been growing rapidly ever since it has been started. For the past three years the company has been been awarded several times for it’s fast growth and it has been awarded for the method in which it has grown.

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Interview met Glenn van den Brug voor boek Management Mythes

Microsoft and usability

Since Satya Nadella started as the CEO of Microsoft I’ve seen changes to the company. It’s slowly becoming a customer oriented organisation. Today I tried to reinstall Office on my wife’s Mac. Microsoft, if you want people to be enthusiastic about your products again you’ll find some nice point for improvement in the article below.

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Waardebepaling? Dat kan openbaar