Photo’s of the office renovation of Het Kwadraat

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The companies are growing. Voys Belgium has to double in space and Voys South Africa now employs 7 people. Both have had their moving day or are about to have it. Scaling in m2 when you're small is fun and it does take some time but it's manageable. 

But Spindle uses about 800m2 and is moving to a new space of almost 1.900m2. Voys is occupying rougly 750m2 and is growing into the same building and a 1400m2 space. So we are leaving our beloved Mediacentrale and The Big Building to join Het Kwadraat.

Voys is currently undergoing a massive office renovation of the 3rd floor wing of the building. Here 80 workplaces will be created. The setup also enables us to facilitate 120 people in the future.

Voys South Afrika has already moved into their office, which is still being worked on.

Spindle uses about 800m2 in The Big Building. They will move to the former expedition hall of Het Kwadraat.

At the end of the projects we will have moved out and in to a new office for all 4 companies in all 3 countries in a 6 month period.

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