Change the world type of entrepreneur? Watch this video!

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If you are starting a business which you think can change the world than watch this presentation/video.

There are so many entrepreneurial lessons in this 1h:30m video. It’s about the start and growth of Tesla and I’ve been following Tesla for a long time but is just so much stuff in here. Marc Tarpenning is the guy on stage. He is a co founder of the company and VP of engineering there.

The preparations they did are very smart and fundamental. The lessons they picked up along the way, not coming from the industry they started in are marvelous. They also show how the existing industry totally missed the fundamentals when they had the opportunity and got stuck in their existing ways. There are also some very basic but important “perfect customer segment” lessons right in the beginning. You will also see what the perfect MVP looks like, or a mule is this case 😉 And you’ll see the things that did not work.

Make time, skip the 10 minute intro and enjoy!



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