Migrating from My Tracks to Runkeeper

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Since I'm mostly running nowadays I decided to start using Runkeeper in favor of My Tracks. I did not want to start with a blank slate, so I wanted to migratie the My Tracks data to Runkeeper. At first it seemed impossible but, where I am a novice runner I'm not a novice nerd, so here is the how to.

  1. First upload the map you want to import from MyTracks to Fusion Tables.
  2. Go to your Google Drive, open the Fusion Table
  3. If you don’t have the new look yet for Fusion Tables click on “Switch to new Look” in the right top.
  4. Select the ‘Map of geometry’ tab
  5. Click on File and then select Download
  6. Select KLM as format and click Download
  7. Now go to http://kml2gpx.com (thanks guys, you rock)
  8. Upload your just downloaded file and click on Convert
  9. Download the file
  10. Go to Runkeeper.com and login
  11. Click on Log
  12. Check Activity and click on Step 2:  Add a Map
  13. Click ‘Import Map’
  14. Choose the file you just downloaded and wait
  15. Click on ‘Next’
  16. And the date, the starttime, duration and any other information you have and click on ‘Save’
  17. Done one file, I hope you don’t have to much My Track records you want to import 🙂

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