Reelight battery free bike light, a Kickstarter project review

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Groningen is the city of bikes and for most of these bikes the lights don't work. Reelight recently did a Kickstart project for a battery free bike light system. I ordered it and installed it this week. Here is a quick review of the Reelight CIO battery free bike light.

The concept is nice, but I think it could be improvement even futher.

  • The light should have a sensor so it detects daylight and disables the flashing (Reelight says it chooses not to do so, because of a 19% decrease in daylight bike accidents, but I would prefer a beam at night which is even safer). It could than charge a small battery pack during the day.
  • With that power it could have a beam of light for very dark area’s during the night which would make the light even better.
  • Reelight should use better metals so installation becomes easier and more robust.

If they make those improves the light might be worth the  €59,- they retail for.

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