Perfect gift: the Stranger Parts flexible circuit board

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Strange Parts was one of those epic finds on Youtube. Scotty Allen is a maker hero who decided to build his own iPhone. Not buy, no build which means finding every component and put it all together … yourself.

As soon as I found the video I decided to share it with Herman, who of course had already seen it. If you are thé maker geek of the north you don’t miss such a channel.

Scotty’s next project after building an iPhone was repairing a brand new iPhone. For some reason, Apple decided to forget the headphone jack when designing the phone and he decided to fix it.

One of the things he had to design was a flexible circuit board and after repairing the iPhone he decided to start selling these circuit board. They are these tiny pieces of nerd art.

Then Herman decided to get married. He had found the counterpart that made him even better. What better marriage gift that the framed circuit board.

Something went wrong with shipping. Scotty tried to fix it and I got sent just a plastic part of the frame. Scotty tried to fix it again and today… the delivery guy called. The address was all wrong, but since this DHL guy is awesome it finally arrived tonight. I could not stop smiling and talking about it so my wife send me out the door to the Maakplek and Herman could finally get his present.

There is only one problem. This thing is SO cool, that I have to order another one. For myself 🙂

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